We just got back from the most heavenly weekend retreat in the Catskills, that reaffirmed my belief in a calmer life, the gratitude I have for the family I have created with my husband, and the spark that exists in my marriage that sputters and frets now and again as we lapse into roommates, picking up each other’s dirty laundry.


OK, very lamely, 2 MONTHS HAVE PASSED since this Catsktill post and it is already September 15. Where did the time go?! I can tell you that since our heavenly Catksills retreat, that was replete with wild blueberries, a hidden swimming hole (almost called it a “watering hole” you can tell what’s on MY mind…)  I have experienced the following highlights:

1. A 3 week trip to Nantucket, staying with my parents.

2. Another trip to the Catskills. This time, in a bigger place – not as off the beaten track but equally as beautiful. Though I must say our drive through Woodstock was horrifying. I know there are some genuine hippies living out there, and I wish them all well, but please! We are not living in 1969 any more, and no amount of stores selling tie-dyed sarongs or home-made candles will bring us back there. Plus, Woodstock didn’t even take place in Woodstock – it was in Bethel/  I have nothing against hippies, just the marketing of that lifestyle (well…and the marketing of most things…rant rant against the consumer culture of this country….)

3. Oh, I almost forgot. Probably one of the most exciting highlights was meeting with hubby’s friend the literary agent who was very encouraging in regards to a series of poems I have written and am aiming to get published. And no, I’m not aiming to be the next Keats. Or Mary Oliver (whom I absolutely adore.) More like Ogden Nash meets Roald Dahl. Anyway, more to come on those at some later date.

4. Uber realization about blogging. I really have to blog in order to be a blogger.  As I read over that line, it feels like a zen koan but I mean it. What has kept me from blogging these past couple of months? I’ve certainly thought about it a lot. I think there’s a certain anxiety that comes with writing – What do I have to say? And – Does anyone really care? But I have to own up to my secret dream, which is somehow to make some kind of a living from this. I’ve looked a bit at Timothy Ferris’s blog, and though I haven’t read his book, the idea of a 4-hour work week mightily appeals. Does it really work though? That’s my question….perhaps I need to find out for myself.