Well, it’s September 10, and I’m still unemployed.

Having all this extra time to stay home with the kids and get to know B has been a blessing. BUT….we’ve still had to employ our nanny – who we love – keeping her on so that I can be job hunting. An additional expense we don’t need.

And another is, I am completely unmotivated. Except for the money thing. I am loving being at home and don’t want some crazy, 9-7, New York City paced job. Plus, we are 95% moving next year….to some place where we have more space and quiet. I love Brooklyn so so so much, but it always feels a little too stressful here, what with getting your child into the right school madness and the inordinate expenses.

So….to stay or not to stay at home? Seems pointless to look for a job in NYC if we’re moving soon. And seems pointless to keep our nanny on when Finn is in school till 3pm anyway and I have the perfect opportunity to be with B. Oy…..Like that tortured Danish prince, I mull over my options.