I’m at home today looking after my little bumbleB while the boychild is in school. Having a beautifully relaxing day. It’s raining outside and cozy in. One of those days where feedings and naps seem to blend seamlessly into the flow of my day! Hooray!

Yesterday, I spoke with my very good friend K, who just had a baby girl, now 3 weeks old. It’s always special welcoming friends into motherhood – and I’m always amazed at how naturally us gals seem to take to a bomb going off in our lives.

Talking to her, I was reminded how special the first one is. Not that I don’t adore my baby B (now 6 months old! and eating solids!!!), but there’s not as much time to ogle and stare dreamily into her eyes when I’ve got a rambunctious 4 year old telling me he’s going to “Poop on my head” and pulling me down to construct another lego schoolhouse with him.

One comment she made in particular, stayed with me. “I miss her in my sleep,” she said at her new found love. Wow. It was such a precious thought, I wish I’d said it myself. “That’s so beautiful,” I replied, not letting on that in contrast, I am delighted to switch off all thoughts of babies and child-rearing when I snatch the minimal amounts of sleep possible these days.

When the boychild used to wake up crying during the night, I swear I was fitted with super sonar that enabled me to jump out of bed JUST AS the first cry peeped from his lips.

With B – well…let’s just say I’m a little slower on the uptake. Which means, lying in bed for a few minutes in the hopes that my husband will get up instead of me (which he usually does, bless him.) Or, thinking to myself “She’ll just go back to sleep” or “I’ll just put my pillow over my ears to get a few more minutes of shut-eye before tending to her.”

Oh well, it’ll make her stronger in the end. Right? Right?!!?!

Hey, I may not miss her in my sleep, but I sure as hell ADORE her when she’s awake.