Fun times this Halloween in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn. The boy child dressed up as a skeleton and wore his costume the entire weekend. I think we had to beg him to take if off for bed time. A marked improvement over last year, when he refused to put on his pumpkin costume. Halloween, 4.30pm, time to leave the house, and we faced a little boy refusing to costume up.  Whereupon I hastily cut out a pink cloud, affixed it to his head, dressed him in blue and voila! A sunset! No matter that most candy givers mistook him for a flower AND a girl.

Helion skeleton

Trick or treating was most successful. Apart from the raging hangover both me and hubbie suffered after a night of heavy drinking at a very fun party hosted by fellow parents at the boychild’s school. Witness our costumes below.

Truman Capote and Elvira have just eaten

Oh, and apart from the fact that it was cold as a witch’s tit. Oh, and that it was really, really crowded. But all in all – tremendously entertaining and fun for the kiddilies.

And B? Well B was cute, as always, as Batgirl.

Could I love that little munchkin more?