I am bound for Mexico city tomorrow morning. With a dear, old girlfriend from college.

No kids.

No husband.

Four days and four nights.

I am turning 40 this year and basically just said “I am taking this time for myself.” I am going to do 40 things this year that I wouldn’t ordinarily treat myself to. And dammit, I may be turning 40, but I am still that dormant wild, passionate girl at heart.

Which is hard to remember when you’re steeped in practicalities like drumming up a rotating schedule of interesting snacks for your 4 year old and putting both children to bed at the same time without breaking out into a cold sweat.

I’m hoping that Mexico city will be a respite and an opportunity to recharge.

I have a very brilliant and dear friend there who will show us around. I don’t like to boast about my friends usually. But I can’t resist a little name dropping with my friend Felipe. He’s an Oscar nominated creative genius who designed the sets for “Frida.” He’s also a theater director and writer and when I used to see him in New York, he always challenged me to meet my own creative responsibilities, giving me a much needed jolt of energy.

He also introduced me, once, to a Spanish boyfriend who was a raging alcoholic and almost caused me to fall off an icy mountain in New Jersey of all places, while skiing. I had to get 32 stitches in my head.

Oh well. I’m infinitely more mature and blessed with much better judgment these days.

Which is why, though hubby has now threatened his own weekend retreat to refuel his soul with hiking and camping in the Catskills, I have chosen to recharge in a City with a tequila bar on every corner.

While, of course, drinking in the magic of an unfamiliar City that to me, has always seemed like an exquisite blend of ancient wisdom and modern vitality.

Adios, amigos.