Thank God for waxing.

By that, I don’t mean a waxing moon. Though I’m grateful for that too. I like big moons that rise slowly and light the path ahead for seekers in the woods like me.

No, by waxing, I mean the tried and true process of getting rid of unwanted hair.

I consider myself an expert.

So I post this video clip, not only for some late night humor, but in homage to all the ladies out there who, like me, have been cursed with hairier-than-thou bits and pieces of the body that need to be ceremoniously and regularly waxed in order not to look like a werewolf. Or be relegated to the comedy circuit doing impersonations of Foo Man Choo.

Just for a laugh. Late on a Wednesday evening.


PS I can’t sleep. Anyone have an Ambien they can lend me?