What happens when a recent mother of two, living in Brooklyn Brookline, MA, gets laid off from her job as a non-profit Communications Director?

Does she take to the streets? Find a new job? Take to the bottle? Or  blog a blazing trail to her new future?

I started this blog as a way to come to terms with the good, the bad and the ugly of my life.

To try to reckon with my expectations for myself, and see if they are truly realistic.

To gain some sanity in the midst of being knee-deep in diapers, demands and other people’s poop.

To wrestle with my career goals and figure out what they are now.

To come to grips with the fact that, as an Ivy League educated gal, I should either be running a hedge fund or have found a cure for ADD, while instead, I spend my days mashing bananas with a fork and researching non-toxic diaper creams. In between reading People magazine, of course.

And most of all, to try to live peacefully in paradox.  For instance:

  • I adore my children. But I hate being home all day. And yet I don’t want to be suckered into some stressful full-time job so that I never see my kids and am wracked with guilt. What to do?
  • I like to look purty. But these days, I usually look like a hot mess in clogs.  How much do I care about what I look like? I mean, I care, but how much.…??
  • I’m a party girl at heart. I’ve danced and drank my heart out. I understand the appeal of lava lamps. And though I’m finding joy on a different level these days – my daughter’s giggle, my son’s curious mind – Lord above, how I’d like to let loose and flamenco my way into a week of responsibility-free indulgence.
  • I like to hang out, but is it too much to ask to be able to poop in private?

Join me as I figure out what the hell I’m doing with my life and quest to find the new “me” amidst a sea of the needs and the poop of others – with two glorious children (the almost five year old boychild, and the one year old little B girl,) a pacifist cat and an ever patient hubby in tow.

Oh, and one more thing. Please chime in! I love reader’s comments! I shall be most grateful, and promise to write back.

Thanks for stopping by!