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Has it been so very long since I posted last?

Oy vey. I shall be donning a hair shirt in due course.

Don’t they sell these at Prada?

As if I don’t feel bad enough.

Every day, I’ve said to myself, “Dude. Write a post.” And as time has elapsed, that sinking feeling that always accompanies the nagging tasks I don’t wind up accomplishing, reared its ugly head. Causing more procrastination. And unrealistic expectations. Like, “Gee…If I haven’t posted in so very long, this next post better be BRILLIANT.”


In truth, I have some very good excuses for my absence.

I started a new job — albeit part-time — writing for a very cool non-profit. Which has, in turn, led to greater sanity in my home life. Instead of growling at the thought of making dinner AGAIN, I’m now quite happy to be chained to the stove, seeing as how I get to spend two whole days with adults. Absence from the kiddies does make the heart grow fonder after all.

And, August was busy busy. I went to BlogHer. And spend quite a bit of time at the wonderful Institute of Contemporary Art, working on a project for them.

We had a beautiful family sojourn in Maine, my all-time favorite State:

Sunsets on a spring-fed lake

And spent late August/early September getting the kiddilies ready  for the new school year (hurrah!).

Anyway, my peeps, it’s good to be back, and I do promise to try to post more often. After all, it’s not just for you that I polish my writing chops. It’s for me too. It’s fun. And if it’s fun, I need to keep at it!

Ta ta for now…


I just returned from the BlogHer conference, a fabulous gathering of  about 5,000 strong, unique, entrepreneurial and creative women bloggers.

Whew! I’m fried. And yet all that estrogen has given me an appetite. Now that I’m home, I’m chilling in front of the Olympics, watching women with crazy bodies pump a ball across a net, while I snarf down a turkey sandwich.

Is it possible to feel energized and lobotomized at the same time? Because that’s my state of mind.

I met some wonderful women — not only mommy bloggers, but women who blog about issues that haven’t, I confess, entered my mind since I became a mother to 2. I met women who blog about: mid-life transitions; parenting kids who’ve flown the coup; life after divorce; how to live on a depression-era budget; and more!

I also learned that I must must — despite being a luddite at heart — TWEET. And set up a Facebook page for my blog. I have to admit that the idea of throwing a twitter party seems like the work of the devil to me. Call that a party, chained to a laptop and a bunch of hashtags? I’d rather be engaging in in-person chit-chat, and making my way slowly through a pitcher of sangria.

Ah, well. Sigh. These are the times we live in. I must adapt!

Martha Stewart spoke at lunch, and though I was prepared to give her the thumbs down (I’m sure I’ve just nixed my chances of ever blogging for her now…), I actually appreciated how herself she was. No pretense. Though she conveniently avoided discussing how her jail stint fits into her personal brand.

And I found myself wondering — just what has given her such drive to succeed? I know I’m not supposed to ask these questions — because we don’t ask them of successful men — but as a woman and a mother, I’m always curious. Part of me envies that kind of ambition, but a greater part of me knows I could never leave my children at home to be raised 100% by someone else. Which isn’t to say it’s wrong. No, not at all. I’m just curious about what it is that drives her. Fear of failure? Fear of poverty? A desire to rule the world?


Then, there was Katie Couric. I have to admit that I just adore her. And secretly covet her job. Apart from her filmed colonoscopy. Bless her. Driven by telling people’s stories, she just has this knack of creating and finding empathy and connection. Which is what I eventually hope to accomplish with my blog and the interviews I’ll be sharing with women who are looking back on raising children from an older, wiser perspective.

My personal icing on cake was being back in New York, which will always feel like home, congested and dirty and smelly and humid as it is in Summer. I even managed to pop across the street to the MoMA store to buy treats for the hordes at home, who apparently rather missed me 🙂

When I got home, the boychild gave me a unicorn he’d painted for me at Plaster Fun Time, decorated in rainbow hues of pink and purple. He used “girl” colors he said, “just for me.”

The boychild paints his unicorn, while Miss B paints creates a jolly green Dora.