I’ve been absent. And internally wearing a very itchy hair shirt, as I flagellate myself for not blogging these past couple of weeks. I’ve been in a sort of mental slump. Because we’re moving in August, and I’m overwhelmed by that. And because I’m working on a book project. And because I need more adult company. Those are my excuses.

And I’m sorry, because I really do love blogging but I’ve found it hard lately to dredge up any form of humor when I’m stuck inside in the rain all day with Ms. Diva and am greeted in the morning, as I’m getting dressed, with conversations like this:

Boychild: “Mommy, I can see your boobies.”

Me (internal monologue): Christ. He’s almost five. Should I be more modest? Cute that he calls them boobies though. Totally natural for him to see my boobies. After all, he suckled on them for the first fifth of his life so far.

Boychild: “They’re wobbly.”

Me (internal monologue): Ah, yes. Wobbly. Thank you, dear boy, for the reminder that my best asset has truly gone south. Literally and figuratively. Next, he’ll be commenting on my cellulite-ridden thighs.

But until then….

I’m back. Hopefully with some more regularity. Thanks for waiting around.

Because without you, I’m nuttin’.