Photo courtesy of The Adventurista!

You  may remember my recent post on how to become a Black Swan Mom.

This week, dear reader, I’m going to focus on something a little more….shall I say….immediate, that doesn’t require an ounce of self reflection.

Instead, it involves a simple, green drink called the Mojito. I promise that imbibing this delicate elixir will instantly transform you into a “mojo mama,” improving your mothering skills in a range of areas, including:

  1. Negotiating defiant behavior
  2. Spontaneously drumming up games and activities
  3. Mellowing the mommy temper

The revelation hit me a couple of Fridays ago, after meeting up with fab mommy blogger The Adventurista for “lunch” – aka two mojitos and an empanada. You see, while the boychild was expanding his mind in school and B was safely nestled in the arms of my new weekly babysitter, The Adventurista, her friend and I toddled over to Mojitos, a yummy Cuban restaurant in the ‘hood.

The Adventurista has become a blogging mentor, new as I am to this gig, and I thought our date was going to be a blogging tutorial of sorts. Silly me. The plan was to drink mojitos and just hang out.

Wait…just hang out and have fun, you say?!?! With no plans to cross off anything on my behemoth and unconquerable to do list?!!

Yes. That was the plan. A revelation in itself.

Mojo Mama sips her medicine

[WE INTERRUPT THIS MESSAGE WITH A BRIEF NEWFLASH: I’ve realized that several of my recent posts have promoted the regular consumption of alcohol. Lest you feel the urge to call Child Protection Services, just remember those who live in the Mediterranean. In Spain, Italy and probably Greece, constant alcohol drinking abounds, from wine with lunch to small glasses of beer with afternoon tapas. Difference is, the Mediterraneans get to sleep it off with an official nap, pre-approved by the authorities.]

After lunch and two mojitos later,  I was on my merry way to pick up the boychild from school, popping home to pick up a snack for him and censoring myself from spewing drunken rubbish to my new, 20-something babysitter. Stuff like:

“OMG, I am like sooooo tipsy! Isn’t this a riot??? And I’m about to go pick up my son from school. Ha ha ha! Isn’t that great? Does my breath stink? Wait, do you have a mint?”

Because after all, people, I must preserve the image of mature adulthood, especially when talking to those in my employ.

Suffice it to say, with my new Mojo Mama capabilities, picking up the boychild and walking him home was a dream. Don’t want to put your hat and gloves on? No problem! Don’t worry, be happy! We’ll just walk home in sub-zero temperatures and I’ll pop your accoutrements on when you start complaining, without batting an eyelid!

Want to dawdle and jump in every snow bank and pick up large chunks of ice and throw them at me? No proooblem, maaaan. I am a warm and toasty Mojo Mama, and I can now laugh through blurry eyes at your cute antics! After all, boys will be boys.

Want me to give you a piggy back ride when we get home? Toooootally. Not only shall I carry you on my back, dear boychild, but I shall sway back and forth while singing along with your Backyardigans CD at the top of my lungs. Babysitter giving me funny looks? No maaaaatter, man.

OK, I’m letting my imagination run away with me now. But the moral of this story is:

A little libation can go a long way towards being a more relaxed mama and enjoying the moment.

So go on. Try it. Your secret will be safe with me.